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Posted on: January 8, 2009 11:04 pm

Another New Era in Cleveland--Mangini

Things I like about this move

1. He wasn't my first choice

Hey thats a plus in my book.  I was all for Butch Davis coming to town.  He seemed like the perfect choice.  Winning attitude, winning enviroment, a big name up and coming coach coming to town.  This it what it takes to win.  Alright so importing all of S. Florida to Cleveland to try in play in the snow doesn't work that well.  Then Romeo, well he is our guy.  He is the guy we should have hired instead of Davis in the first place.  He knew the players we had in place.  He coached in the NFL (as a coordinator) for several years and had superbowl rings, not BCS championships.

3 coaches in the new era with the same end result.  A team that absolutely quit on the field.  Sadly, I would say Chris Palmer's "runaway train season"  ender was the best of the three.

Maybe my first choice isn't the best for this team.

2. He is going to run a system very similar to Romeo (they are both Belicheck disciples)

This means we should be able to keep most of the players we already have.  Cleaning house is not the answer.  We have talent, this team can do much better than it showed on the field this year.  Dumping all of our talent puts us back to '99

3. He has head coaching experience in the NFL

...and he has actually won games.  Cowher was up high on my list but no team has won superbowls with two teams.  Mangini was almost .500 with the J E T S jets Jets jets.  The Jets did not look good when he came to town.  Sure they spent some money on free agents but so did we and Mangini had 2 out of 3 winning seasons in a division with the Patriots and a playoff appearance.  He hopefully learned from his past mistakes and can do better here. 


Things we now know for the season...

Manigini wants to keep a 3-4.  I know several fans hate this idea and want us to switch to a 4-3.  I really don't care because I don't think we have the front 7 to play either right now.  One way or another we need better players to fill roles.  With a 3-4 I want more linebackers.  A Middle linebacker and an Outside linebacker, preferably 1-2 in the draft.

I think we are okay at d line although I wouldn't complain to see an upgrade there.

cornerbacks are young and improving.  Sure there were a couple of hiccup games in there, but they really held their own later in the season.

safeties I don't see as a pressing need, if Sean Jones resigns.

We are going to run a New England style offense with a guy with West Coast offense roots.

This favors Brady Quinn at QB.  He likes the dink and dunk style, DA can't throw short.  I firmly believe one of the QB's have to go.  2 QB's cause too many problems.  We can get something for DA unless takers realize we will have to cut him if noone trades for him.  His contract isn't outrageous for a starting QB.  Hopefully teams will want to avoid a bidding war.  Hopefully we can get a pick high enough to get a running back of the future (3rd or higher).

It also favors Kellen Winslow, whom Brady seemed to like while at QB.  If we lose Kellen we have a large hole to fill at TE.  I don't know who is healthy and good at that position.

Wide receiver.  We need something to make Braylon catch.  If we get that we are fine here.  Stallworth is almost certain gone, but how does that hurt us we didn't have him this year.  I would like to see a veteran possesion receiver brought in.  Nothing high priced just someone who can catch.

Running back- I would like to see a future back here.  Maybe Harrison can be that guy.  Maybe he is our Priest Holmes since he does seem to scamper off for long runs when he gets the ball.  I am not betting on it.  Jamal wore down this season.  Partly because the safeties were creeping up on him.  He is not strong enough to carry a team anymore.

O-line.  We need some improvement on the right side.  If Tucker can come back that would solve most of our problems.  I can't say that will happen though.  If the right player is there at 2nd round they have to jump on him (if a good linebacker isn't there)

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