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Posted on: November 12, 2009 11:59 am

Brady's Back

Alright what does this all mean?
First and foremost we need another question answer before I can answer any questions about Brady Quinn.  Will Mangini be back next year as head coach?  Grossi seems to believe it would take 3 more wins and one of them against a division rival for it to happen.  The bigger question looming over this is, who will the general manager be?  Cheeks believes it will come from within and only strengthen Mangini's power.  I find that hard to believe.  That has a lot more to do with Quinn's future than anything else.

DA has a future in the NFL.  He will start again somewhere and be sucessful at some point.  It is not in Cleveland.  His salary is way too high for us to keep him next year.  He would have needed another probowl year this year for us to keep him.  He obviously didn't do that.  The only way he stays is if he takes a giant pay cut.  I am not sure he would do that.

I believe the benching of Quinn and sticking with DA was financially motivated.  I believe he given a fair shot to start the year and earn his bonus.  He definitely did not do that.  If we give 70% of the snaps we are stuck with him as the starter for 2 years.  So Mangini benched him 35% of the snaps, then gave him another shot this year (forth coming) to work out the kinks.  He still can get half of his bonus if he takes 70% of the snaps next year.  He will only do that if he improves this year.  This was not a conspiracy or an attempt to screw Quinn.  If he played well he would have earned that bonus and starter money.  He didn't so he sticks with back up money.  If Mangini was winning or even competitive with Quinn there would have been an uproar over the benching. 

Our receivers aren't good right now.  That would make it difficult for any QB.  Our best one is a mid 2nd round rookie.  Our 2nd best is an over the hill possesion receiver.  Heiden isn't going to scare anyone.  Royal couldn't catch a cold.  Our running back is well past his prime.  In short this offense is not going to do much if Joe Montana steps in back in his prime.  This is what happens when you trade away your best 2 offensive players for draft picks.  We are trying to set up for the future.  The rest of the year will be Brady's chance to really grow and compete for the starting job next year.  Dependant on who the GM is, I can believe we don't draft a QB next year, even if Brady flops.  I think a journeyman can come in and start while we start plugging all the other holes on this team.

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