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Posted on: October 2, 2009 11:22 am

Browns Ravens--Good Bad and the Ugly

The Good---

The game didnt' take as long.  Well at least it didn't from my perspective.  It was off and I was doing other things by the time the 4th quarter rolled around

The Bad--
We are back to square one.  We don't have a set QB.  It is DA for this game, what happens if he flops?  I hope, and believe he won't be as bad as Brady, but if he is then what?  Do you go back to Brady instantly?  Do you start Ratliff?

What does this mean for Brady's career?

8/7/2007: Signed a five-year, $9.25 million contract. The deal contains $7.75 million guaranteed, including a $4.255 million option bonus in the second year. Another $11 million is available though escalators in 2010 and 2011 based on Quinn taking at least 55% of the snaps in each of the first two years or at least 70% in his third season. Another $9.8 million is available, but is unlikely to be earned. 2009: $655,000, 2010-2011: $700,000, 2011: Free Agent

Looking at his contract, he is slated for backup money unless he takes 70% of the snaps this season.  He didn't take many snaps in this first 2.5 games, as the offense was putrid.  If DA (or any QB other than Brady) plays 5 games or more he is out.  

I wonder if his contract came into question here.  He has played horribly.  Management may have said, he can't get all the snaps or guarenteed money kicks in that we don't want to pay.  The season long "chance" so many Browns fans feel he deserves is not possible unless we want to pay him another $11 million.  They don't want to start him the first 11 and bench him for the last 5 making it obvious.  Instead bench him now for ineffectiveness, maybe let him try again when his contract can't hit its escalators.

Just being benched isn't necessarily the end for a QB, especially a young one.  He may take the time and learn more about the game.  Hopefully DA plays well and he can learn what DA is doing that he isn't to make this (or any offense run).  Drew Brees play was so bad three years after he was drafted that San Diego took a QB number 1 even though that QB, Eli Manning, said he would never play for San Diego.  They subsequently worked out a trade for another QB, Phillip Rivers.  Drew Brees walked into camp and became DREW F'N BREES!!!!!!!! 

Will Brady do that?  Probably not, but it just illustrates that it is not definitely the end of the road.  
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