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Browns Bengals The Good The Bad The Ugly

The Good---

Uhhh immediately following the week, the patented Hines Ward cheap shot landed square on the jaw of QB Ben Rottenberger.  So Ben has a concussion, and Hines completely blind sides him with the crown of his helmet.  Hines calls Ben out for basically not manning up enough.  Tell all the kids out there to lie to doctors so they can play.  I am used to dysfunctional comments from all Browns players.  It comes with the losing.  Just not used to it from Steelers.  In an otherwise crappy weekend it was my only real spot of joy.  Thanks Hines!!

The Browns offense couldn't do much.  The receiving threats are not there.  Still DA played well against this very defense with the same crew minus Braylon Edwards, but that was the game where Braylon didn't record a catch.  He wasn't being doubled all day.  Not an endorsement of DA, I know he is gone after the season, just brings some concern for Brady.  He still has the rest of the season to get something going.

The Bad--

Injuries injuries injuries.  We were a bad team to start the year.  When a bad team loses all it best players to injuries what are we left with?  I kept hearing accolades for the LB we signed off the street to start this week.  No one pointed out they were running for 10 yards a carry.  That is the responsbility of the LB'ers.  We have lost all of our staters save Wimbley, who did look better this season.

Pool's concusion.  You hate hearing, "he will have to consider how much longer he wants to play football".  Brodney was never great, but not a bad 2nd round pick for us.  He was developing nicely.  It would be a shame to end it here.

The Ugly--

The looming blackout.  I don't understand blackouts.  I understand the orginal premise.  No one will go to football games if you can watch it from the comfort of your home and not buy the $10 beers.  Makes sense to me.  As a matter of fact, I started as a football fan who never went to games (when i was a kid).  I now go to 2-3 games a year.  This year I have attended 2.  I just sold my Pitt tickets on eBay and will probably go to the JAX game later on.  What are the chances i go to any games ever if they black out games?  Nill.  Showing the games attracts fans, and brings them into the games.  Blacking out a poorly performing teams leaves fans like me with few options.  I am sure i could find a way to watch the game if i really wanted to.  If the NFL don't want me to watch them, I probably will find something better to do with my time come Sunday. 
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Posted on: November 24, 2009 9:47 am

Browns Lions The Good the Bad the Ugly

The Good--

There was offense.  There was a passing TD to a WR.  Their were muliple TD's  Considering we have seen 5 up until this point it was good.  To quote Eddy Murphy (bonus points if you can remember from where), "if you starve a man, and give then him a cracker, he will think it is the best cracker ever.  That wasn't no regular cracker was it?  That was a Ritz, no that was Saltines!"
That is us right now.  I saw TD's.  I don't care if it was against the Lions, they looked like an NFL team on offense for once.

Brady threw the ball deep!  He did it when the receivers were 20 yards away from the nearest defender.  He needs to work on the testicular fortitude to do when they are covered better than that.  That is the NFL.  Blown coverages like that don't happen often.  You have to "thread the needle".

The Bad--

The Defense.  Really wondering if i was looking for some bright spot on the team after the way they played.  In all fairness, early problems happened because they were losing the RB out of the backfield.  That is the LB's responsibility and we are on 4th and 5th stringers by now.  Still if the team puts up any type of defensive performance at all, we are talking about the blowout win last weekend.  When you go up that big on a 1-8 team they tend to throw in the towel.  Giving up big plays gave them hope.

The Ugly--

Pass interference on a hail mary.  I don't recall ever seeing one called before.  You are allowed to shove a guy out of bounds if the QB is out of the pocket.  He scrambled everywhere.  The ball wasn't going anywhere near the receiver that was interfered with.  Poteat definitely played the receiver and not the ball.  His back was to the ball.  Still I have never seen that call before.

Browns timeout right after that.  Thier starting QB limps off the field.  Culpepper goes in, ice cold.  They can't run against Shaun Rogers.  I play it out and see what happens.  I understand the plan of lets regroup on defense, but the offense also gets the same shot.
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Posted on: November 18, 2009 12:01 pm

Browns Ravens The Good the bad the ugly

The Good--

The defense.  Wow that was a really good performance.  It has to be disheartening to be out there all game watching the offense play worse than any offense has since 1933 and still go out and play hard.  The Baltimore Ravens are allegedly a "high powered offense" and they shut them out for a half.  They gave up one TD.  It was off a blown tackle/attempt at an interception by Brandon McDonald.  I can't fault the guy that much this game because he played a pretty good game except this play.  The confusion after the long play wasn't good either giving them an easy TD.  Still that is all the defense allowed all game.  If your defense holds your oppenent to 7 points you are going to win alot of games (unless of course you have the worst offense in the NFL since 1933).  Some may point to the score and say hey it was 16-0 but, the other TD was a pick six, which is not the defense's fault.  The other field goal came off a drive for -2 yards.  I am not pinning that on the defense either.  Ryan has put together a decent crew that holding their end of the bargain up.

We need offensive playmakers.  Not the play that offends all viewers we have been watching.  This has to be priority #1 for draft and free agency.  Get an offensive player to scare the defense.

The Bad--

The offense.  If we had super defense that instantly forced a 3 and out on every series we still lose this game 9-0.  This is what happens when you trade away the most talented players for 2nd round picks.  Say what you want about K2 and Braylon, but they scored more than this.  Mo Carthon scored more than this.  Jeff Garcia scroed more than this.  Tim Couch scored more than this.  Screech scored more than this in Saved by the Bell.  

It is so bad I can't tell what parts if any are salvagable.  Lewis wants out after the season, who wouldn't.  A quality RB is the biggest need.  We haven't had a great back in Cleveland in so long.  It probably tops my off season wish list.  Receivers are young.  Hopefully improving.  I would like to see another veteran playmaker added.  I don't know how bad Brady is for certain.  Both QB's looked absolutely abysmal so it leads me to believe the system isn't right or the rest of the cast is a big part of the problem.  I don't think the O coordinator has a shot to survive which brings me to the...

The Ugly--

Instability.  It is what we preach in Cleveland.  Burn it to the ground and start from scratch.  Mangini has chance to survive this year, dependant on who this football head that will be brought in is.  I wouldn't count on it.  The o coordinator is almost assuredly gone.  We will never build a winning franchise if we don't finish one plan we start.  Yes plans get ugly at some point.  We have to go through one to see how it looks at the end.    
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Posted on: November 4, 2009 8:42 am

Browns Bears Good Bad Ugly


When the game causes your leading rusher to announce he is ready to retire...
When a game gets your GM and a top assissant to the head coach fired...
When the games causes the owner of the team to anguish on the field and meet with season ticket holders to prevent a protest...

How much good can really be said for it?

I started to type that it probably signaled the end of Derek Anderson's tenure as starting QB, but I am not quite sure.  At home against the Baltimore Ravens is not a good place to come in right now.  The  fans are planning a protest and will be less than friendly to whoever starts for the Browns whenever they do anything wrong.  Brady got pulled at halftime last he faced Baltimore.  It could be a long Monday Night.  Next week against Detroit seems a little easier.
I will remember DA as a QB who won 7 games at home in one season.  Which probably beat all other QB's home wins for a career since the return.  He is very likely out of Cleveland at the end of the year, and I wish him luck.
Brady gets his second shot very soon.  I abolutely beleive the benching was financially motivated.  If he took 70% of the snaps we are married to him to the tune of $11 million over the next two years + $1 million yearly salary.  He had a fair shot to earn that money to start the season.  He didn't.  He got benched for 35% of the snaps.  They definitely didn't want to give him 65% of the snaps, and bench him while he was improving because he wasn't worth the money.

Reorganization.  The firing of Kokinis was a clear message to Mangini.  This shows personal decisions are being taken away from him.  I think he has one season from today to get it turned around.  If he is not near .500 at this time next season he is gone.  Several fans are clamoring for an immediate firing.  I don't know if that accomplishes anything.  It probably sets us back further as the new coach wouldn't want any of the ex Jets we have on the roster now.

The Ugly-

The fan protests.  The lack of hope that surrounds the the Browns.
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Posted on: October 25, 2009 10:44 pm

Browns Packers--The Good The Bad, the Ugly

The Good--

?  LA probably wouldn't want a team that sucks this bad?

The Bad--

The team right now. 
I left the game in the 4th quarter.  I am fairly certain I saw a similar level of play in the tailgate lot from players wearing a Browns jersey.  Of course the excuse of the players in the tailgate lot is they are not professional football players.

The Ugly--

What all this means.  I am putting my Steelers tickets up on eBay.   I would be surprised if they were able to sell out any of the remaining games.  That means money out of Lerners pocket.  The NFL chooses to blackout games when the stadium is not sold out.  You know, if people aren't interested in the quality of the product being given to them, so take it away completely.  That will teach them to go.  In my case, it will teach me to do somthing else on Sunday.
My leaving in the 4th quarter, after half the stadium emptied out means less $7 beer sales.  The pathetic play and blacked out games mean less merchandise sales. 

Several instititons depend on public interst in Browns football.  The calls for an immediate fix will be loud.

Some fans have cheered for this.  Hoping it will teach Lerner a lesson.  What lesson does it teach him?  Pull the plug less than a season into the current plan? 

The fire Mangini chants already have begun.  Whether he is the answer or completely incompetent is still unanswered.  He traded away all playermakers on offense for future draft picks.  I assume he is not done trading/cutting all players that aren't his.  He is NOT coaching to win this season.  I felt we had several pieces in place that could be used to turn this team around sooner.  Then again, I never claimed to know everything about football.  He is content to wait until 2011 to win.  I don't see an option that gives us wins instantly.  Firing Mangini and bringing in...(fill in name) does equate to instant wins.  We have no playmakers on offense.  Noone scares any defense.  We have only a few playmakers on defense.  Bringing in someone new still means time before the team can possibly be good.  Probably longer since the new guy will immediately start getting rid of Mangini's guys. 
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Browns Bills--Good Bad and the Ugly

The Good--


We have beaten this up over games that have lost that they could have or should have won, this time they won, be happy about it!!!

Jamal Lewis--

There was no passing game with the weather conditions.  Everyone knew there would be no passing game with the weather conditions.  There were 8 and 9 in the box, and he still ran.  He also played fullback with Harrison as the RB for a few series.  That is a good set up for us. 

The Defense.  Ryan has got these guys playing pretty well.  Trolls will run over and pull out stats showing us being near the bottom of the league, but all the yardage and points normally came when we were already out of the game.    Look at the late scrores against Minn and Denver.  The defense gives us a chance to win just about any game if we can get our offense on track.

Lack of penalties.  This kept short circuiting Buffalo we seemed immune.

Low turnovers.  DA threw the one pick, but that was it for the game.  We picked up 2 fumbles from them.  You win games when you win the turnover batttle.

The Bad--

The drops.  What was that?  Was the ghost of #17 over the field?  The wind was making the ball dance a little bit, but for professional football players those were not hard catches and they kept falling to the turf.  We are not going to win many ball games with that many drops.

The passing yardage.  Play calling was simple, run right run left run middle.  I was screaming for play action the whole game, but it never happened.  The drops were bad.  Still 23 YARDS!!!!!!!!!!  What was it to appease LeBron after Braylon punched out his "kid".  DA has to do better if he wants to keep his job.  I am fairly certain Manigini did not trade for Ratliff just because he wants him to run the scout team offense.  I also wouldn't be surprised to see Brady Quinn get another chance once 35% of the snaps are gone (so he can't hit his contract bonus).

The Ugly--

Robert Royal's catching.  Why is this guy running routes?  He is a blocking TE.  If he catches a ball it should be as a safety valve.  He does not have the hands to be involved in the offense like that.  His drop in Cincinnati, the one that bounced off his facemask at the end of regulation, was likely the difference in that game.  The easy TD he dropped yesterday gave me visions of Braylon's drop in Baltimore last season.  If we want a TE who can catch, run the play with Heiden.  We cut Rucker and traded Winslow because we wanted blockers not catchers.  Use them appropiately.

Offensive playcalling.  It is too conservative.  A minute to go in the half, and you are running the clock out to protect a 3 point lead?  Grow a pair.  We are playing not to lose.  Go out and take the win.  That being said the run right run left run middle, fake pass and run some more offense made sense in the weather conditions on the field.  Had we used this strategy in 2007 against the Bengals we may have seen our Brownies go to the playoffs.   
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How to build a losing franchise.

It starts and ends with losing.  Where there are no problems losing makes problems occur.  Any tiny problem that is actually there is greatly magnified when the team is losing.  NFL or any professional sports team is filled with competitive men.  Competitive men get very upset when the lose.  If they lose constantly...you get the point.

How do we keep them losing?  First we need no stability in the system.  Every 2-4 years we need to change head coaches.  It may help in between to constantly fire and hire coordinators as well.  This makes it impossible to get comfortable in a system.  To really know what your coaches expect from you or expect you to do in a given situation.  Take Peyton Manning as the counter example here.  He has been running the same system forever.  It is easy for him to run it no huddle, he knows every last detail of it by now.  He can focus on everything else as opposed to the intricacies of the system.  It also makes it easier for him to plug replacements in for injuries or retirements.  You see the veteran guys who have been there for awhile can point the newbies in the right direction.  It makes it easier to get the job done.  What we want is the complete opposite.  With a whole new system noone knows where the heck anybody is supposed to be.  Every play focus on the intricacies of the system and forget about the opposition.  Then listen to your fanbase yell because you don't understand the brand new system. 
Cleveland has done this very well.  We went from Palmer's vertical offense and UFO defense to Davis' system (I don't think even he understood his system other than importing all of South Florida to Ohio and wondering why we did poorly in the winter).  We messed and went to the playoffs because we had a nucleus that was maturing.  Luckily Davis got on top of the problem immediately.  He removed the starting QB and installed the QB competition that has been a staple in Clevland ever since.  Get Garcia, a West Coast style QB, and make him play a verticle game.  Fire Davis, hire Crennel with Carthon, west coast system, fire Carthon and hire Chud, verticle system, fire Chud and Romeo, hire Mangini west coast system again. 

Secondly, get rid of talent.  This isn't difficult if you follow the first rule.  Keep the team losing, and constantly fire head coaches.  Head coaches all come into a losing system with a Gorilla mentality.  They believe you need to get rid of all the old coach's guys and get all new guys because there isn't a chance that the old coaches guys will work for you, and help you win.  It is best if you can give away great talent and get nothing in return.  Butch Davis did this magnificently.  He saw the problem immerge, a playoff team.  First he lucked out when Jamir Miller had a career ending injury.  There was still a bond forming between teammates though.  So he jumped on this by cutting Kevin Johnson.  He was  Palmer guy and, "didn't fit his system" anymore.  After that got rid of Couch and Holcolm to bring in a guy that didn't fit the system.  When Savage/Romeo came him, he followed suit cutting the entire defensive line, and trading the 1st round draft pick center for a lower pick.  This is a system that has been picked up and worked grandly.  First round talent can make teams win.  Whenever you find it, first get it upset.  Losing makes this easy.  There is not a player you want on your team that will be happy when he is constantly losing.  Call them a diva, whiner, not a team player, cancer etc and get rid of that talent quick.
You can see how Josh McDaniels screwed this up.  He came in and traded Cutler.  However he got quite a bit in return.  It gives him a good chance for success later on.  Our method of taking nothing higher than a 2nd rounder works so much better.  He also messed up and didn't cut Brandon Marshal when he had his off the field issues.  You saw the result of it, when he caught the ball and ran it in for a game winning TD.  We don't want that kind of thing to happen here.  We call this addition by subtraction.  I believe this is the same kind of math that banks, the car industry and several other have used to get us in the financial situation we are in.  

We have done this grandly in Cleveland.  WE HAVE NOT RESIGNED ONE FIRST ROUND PICK TO A SECOND CONTRACT SINCE THE RETURN.  Very few 2nd rounders have been resigned as well.  Only Northcutt is coming to mind, and that was because his agent screwed up.  Following this path your fans will constantly rejoice when you get rid of the "problem player"  cheer on draft day, and go home depressed from every loss.  Sell them on a hope for the future that never has a chance to get here as the next regime change is just around the corner.
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Browns Bengals--Good Bad and Ugly

The good--

I saw 5 quarters of football.  That is more than I have seen in 3 previous games combined. 

The offense showed signs of life.  We saw not one but two offensive touchdowns when we needed them.  Not in garbage time.

The team went down by 14 early on a disaterous fumble return for 6, and the team didn't quit.  They battled back.

Our number 2 and 3 recievers actually showed up and produced.

Jerome Harrison didn't get hurt.

If Robert Royal holds on to that pass at the end of regulation we win the game.  You can't get closer than that without winning.  It is a sad state when we are excited about almost beating the Bengals.

The Bad--

Braylon Braylon Braylon.  DA had clearly lost confidence in him, I don't know how hard he was playing.  He was not double covered most of the game.  On occasion there was only a linebacker opposite him.  I don't know of DA's ball is too hot, but he needs to pick it up.

Play calling at the end of regulation.  With 11 seconds left and the ball at their 40 you let a hail mary fly.  What do we have to lose?  We are 0-3?  What does the punt do?  End of the game, same scenario, the Bengals are at about the same spot 4th and 10 and then go for it.  Carson picks up 10 yards and a field goal later the game is over.  They were faced with the same problem.  If they don't get we have good field position.  Sometimes you have to take a chance if you want to win.

Turnovers.  Turning the ball over in the endzone and Harrison's fumble are big reasons we lost that game.

The Ugly--

Braylon's this has been going on for 5 years and this is the 5th year of my contract statement.  It shows the mentality he is in.  Its not good from our only playmaker.

Our upcoming schedule.

At Buffalo
At Pitt
At Chicago

At Detroit

If we are 0-10 when we walk into Detroit we are in trouble, and we will be double digit underdogs for most of those games.
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